We’ve all said it at one time or another. You’re on the beach or soaking in the jacuzzi in your hotel room. You think about how great this is, especially compared to your work-eat-sleep life back at home. You tell your significant other that this is how life should be. You post a picture on Facebook and tag it ‘nevercomingback’. But you go back.

I didn’t.

I left the United States for the first time back in 1996. I managed to spend most of the next dozen or so years living abroad, taking in the sights of over 20 different countries along the way.

In 2010, thinking that perhaps I had been gone long enough, I returned to the US and tried to catch up with old friends, settle back into the old ways of life. But apparently restlessness is not something that can be ‘outgrown’ or suppressed for long. After three years of trying  to get back in the groove of American life, I’m giving up – time to lace up the boots, strap on the pack, and hit the road once more.

While I’m preparing for new adventures, I thought I would publicly reminisce about the old ones, try to figure out why I just can’t seem to settle in one place for very long. Along the way, I hope you’ll find something amuses, intrigues, or at least entertains you in some way.

Feel free to post comments, ask questions – let me know if my writing makes a difference.

Happy trails,

Don Henson

By the way, every photograph you see on this site is an original, all rights belonging exclusively to me. I don’t mind if you share, so long as you credit this blog and and/or link back to nevercomingback.com. Thanks!


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